1 commit a day. For 365 days.

An accountability group where we do at least 1 Github commit per day for 365 days.

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profile image of founderHey makers! Jason (@jasonleowsg) here πŸ‘‹ I'm the founder and chief builder for Lists Kit.

I also randomly started this Telegram chat group called Commit365 on Jan 1st 2024, to get folks together who want to make at least 1 commit a day on Github, folks who want to stay consistent in shipping and making progress on their projects. We got to work, and after a while, the group starting launching their projects, and we thought, why not put them all in a directory? So this Commit365 directory was born.

Join us & ship that sh*t

We're a public Telegram chat group so anyone is welcome to join us. Shipping not required... but be warned, it's infectious once you see us ship.

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